Kickstart your health and fitness, drop inches, feel better and look great with our 4-week VentureFIT Programme.

VentureFIT is a four week programme to improving your health and well-being and is responsible for a large part of the results we achieve here at Stephen Clarke Fitness. It has been devised by consolidating over a decade of experience helping people improve their health, fitness and well-being and now the system is available as a springboard to your long-term results.

It’s well known that your body adapts to your surroundings so my question to you is “what effect has your personal environment had on your body?”

Through assessment, training and coaching the VentureFIT programme first creates a picture of you and the factors that have influenced your body. Then we create a platform as a springboard to your long term results which include joint mobility and stability, posture, strength, proprioceptive ability (body awareness), nutrition and the all-important lifestyle factors.

VentureFIT is for you if:

  • You want to take your health and fitness seriously.
  • You understand your environment pays a big part in what you see when you look in the mirror and are willing to start making changes.
  • You want the best possible start to a longer term journey.
  • You want to know more about your body than you ever have before.
  • You want the best possible ROI for your healthy efforts.

What results can I expect from the VentureFIT programme?

  • Inch loss. Although results vary from person to person you can expect to lose anything from 2-10cm from your waist.
  • Firmer muscles. Due to the initial changes in your diet plus using your body in new ways, you will feel yourself more ‘toned’.
  • Confidence. Believe it or not 90% of people using the major gyms will not know a fraction of what you will learn on VentureFIT. This really is an investment for the future of your training, health and well-being.
  • More energy. By adapting your nutrition and training to what your body actually needs your focus, general energy levels and day-to-day motivation will all be improved.

What's included?

  • Week ONE - Assessment week.

    • Nutritional assessment, goal setting, lifestyle coaching plus weigh in and measure.
    • Physical assessment and coaching covering posture, stability and mobility.
    • ‘Homework Habits’ prescribed.
  • Week TWO - Functional training week

    We will start your training around ensuring your body can move as efficiently as possible. The lessons learned in this week will play a part in your training for several months/years.

    You will also be coached through your first nutritional changes.

  • Week THREE - Volume training

    Your training sessions this week will teach you to understand energy balance, the afterburn effect and body adaptation. You will also be introduced to the nutrition principles that will start to transform your body.

  • Week FOUR - Strength training and re-assessment.

    Strength training for health and fat loss is one of the fundamental principles we use for transforming our clients. At the end of this week you will also be re-assessed to monitor how your body adapted as well as setting future goals.

What happens at the end of the 4 weeks?

Once you have finished VentureFIT you have two choices.

  1. Take what you have learned with us and go onto train in confidence knowing what you are doing is going to benefit you for years to come.
  2. Continue to train with us knowing that every month you are continuously progressing, getting fitter, getting healthier and having fun along the way.

Your investment

Your investment for VentureFIT is only £397

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