At SCF (Stephen Clarke Fitness) our expereinced and skilled personal trainers are committed to help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain your healthy lifestyle. Find out why mobile personal training is perfect for Mums, Entrepreneurs and Busy Professionals with a free consultation.


I have been working with Stephen for the past 6 months looking at my diet and fitness routines. Having made some easy and basic changes I have lost the excess weight I’d hoped but most importantly am no longer lacking energy and feel really well for the first time in a long time. My fitness plan has been tailored to suit my goals and the personal training was fantastic and helped me to improve on my technique. The changes have now become a part of my lifestyle and I can not recommend Stephen Clarke Fitness enough for helping me to work towards my goals - the one to one coaching and support available has been great and really helped to keep me motivated!

- Nicola Dow, Perth


It’s important to tailor your fitness program to suit your individual needs, potential limitations and the outcomes you have set for yourself. At SCF we create bespoke training plans, lifestyle guidance and nutrition coaching to do just that. Our mobile personal trainers will discuss your needs, assess your current abilities and structure your whole program around you as an individual. This is the fast track way of bolstering your health and well-being in an unpredictable world. 

And of course, your mobile personal trainer comes to you throughout Perth and Kinross. This means there are no distractions, no waiting around for equipment and you don’t even have to accomodate time to and from the gym. This is personal training dedicated to you, the convenience of your lifestyle and, most importantly, your results. 


YOUR progress becomes OUR priority here at SCF. We understand that your health and well-being is important to you but currently you may not be experiencing your full potential. Results come from exposing yourself to the most appropriate stimulus to adapt to. By incorporating mobile personal training into your lifestyle as well as following our guidance on nutrition you are creating an enviroment favourable for long term health and vitality.


We all have a lot on our plates and devoting time, energy and mental capacity away from your business, work schedule and family is sometimes tough. This is when mobile personal training comes into it’s own. Schedule in your apointments, be told what to do and how to do it by a trained professional and you’ll actually have MORE energy and focus to devote to your other priorities. Just like you would call in a qualified electrician to rewire your house you should also hire the professionals to look after your most important asset - YOU.


I’d love to start telling you here about how terrible modern technology is for us. Too much sitting down combined with screen time bla bla bla. BUT the truth is modern technology is pretty fantastic. After all, how else could you be reading about our mobile personal training services? 

However, ignoring the pitfalls will be to your detrement. A simple acknowledgment that standing and walking more will be good for your health is a good start. Some specific physcial training and a few tweaks to your diet will give you more energy and clarity for what is really important to you. Mobile personal training is the most convenient and efficient way of creating that space to come away from technology and give your body what it craves. 

After a few months of weekly 121 sessions I feel the difference; as well as being physically fitter, I believe I’m mentally fitter, have more energy and more positive. Friends have also commented, testament to Stephen’s expertise and coaching skills. I enjoy working with Stephen benefitting from his knowledge, experience and coaching. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

K, Business Owner in Perth


At SCF we pride ourselves in helping you attain your fitness goals in the convenience of your own home. Your relationship with your trainer is first formed by discussing your personal aspirations for your well-being then working together to see them into reality.

If a healthier and more balanced lifetyle is one of your priorities please get in touch. SCF can help.

Contact us today for your complimentary consultion with our mobile personal trianer in Perth, Scotland.



Whether you’re an entrepreneur juggling mutiple parts of your business, a career driven professional or a dedicated and busy mum or house wife we understand your time is important to you. In a hectic and unpredicatble world YOU are your biggest asset and investing in yourself doen’t have to take you away from your other priorities. In fact, when scheduled in appropriately, mobile personal training can be an integral part of your working life. Your personal coach fits around you and brings along all neccessary equiptment.


Some like the convenience, some like the privacy, some like both. Mobile personal training is more private and discrete than conventional training meaning your personal growth and development stays between you and your trainer. 

It’s a great way to stay on top of your health and personal goals away from the eyes of others. 


Too many people follow generic programmes at the gym with little or no results and sometimes even causing injury. A tailored fitness program takes away the guess work, reduces the risk of injury and accelerates your results. 

It’s much more motivating to know every second of hard work is creating favourbale adaptations in your body and taking you one step closer to your goals. 

With the right exercise prescription you’ll also improve posture, reduce pain from old injuries and create a body you’re proud of.


Achieving optmial health requires more than just an hour of training here and there. You will be supported outside of sessions around your nutrition and your lifestyle factors such as sleep habits and stress management. We become your health and well-being coach, there for you when you need us. 


We provide new clients with a complimentary mobile personal trainer consultation.