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Why 90% of Your Diet Should Be Whole Foods

Your world is filled with people/companies trying to sell you their products.   If you are conscious about your weight (which if you are reading this then you probably are) then your subconscious will be more susceptible to influences of ‘diet’ products. As a general rule of thumb,  if something needs a marketing team behind…

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Set EXCITING goals

Setting goals can be a very exciting process.   It’s exciting to know that within the time period you give yourself that you are going to achieve something that you currently don’t have. Whether that’s fitting into that jean size you always talk about wanting to be, or just to have less overhang on the…

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Being a Coach

BEING A COACH I am there to help guide, mentor, support, encourage, praise and ask difficult questions. I’m NOT here to bark orders, to be dogmatic or impose my own beliefs on others. True change takes time and ultimately it comes from within. If you feel you need motivation from someone or something else you…

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Best fat-burning exercise?

WHAT’S THE BEST EXERCISE FOR BURNING FAT? This is a question I get asked on a regular basis but unfortunately it’s the wrong question. You wouldn’t ask an artist what colour is best for painting a nice picture or a pianist what key is best for playing a beautiful song.   It’s not the exercise…

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WILLPOWER – Do you need it?

WILLPOWER… Do you constantly wish you had more? Willpower is needed when you have to do something you would normally hate. But it’s funny…   You don’t need willpower to get out of bed at 3am to see to a crying child. And you don’t need willpower to go to work on a friday when…

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Eat and Move, Naturally. Why natural health and fitness matters. It’s not just about spending hours on the treadmill or squeezing in an extra spin class. It’s about being fit for life, able, pain free, confident and happy. For most people health and fitness is a way of losing weight. People are often consumed by…

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