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Transform your lifestyle forever

Get fit with with the option that works for you

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Stephen Clarke offers bespoke personal training in Perth, Scotland

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Nutrition, online coaching


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My goal is to make you leaner, healthier and happier by giving you knowledge, tools and motivation that you can immediately use to improve your body and your life. Translation?

I’m here to make you look and feel your best.
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  • Personal Training

    Get fit with with the option that works for you, and transform your lifestyle forever.

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    Who is that really handsome guy sitting at the far left of the photo with blue trainers on? ... See MoreSee Less

    Big fan of this action shot from The SFN Expo a few weekends back.... I offered myself as the demo guy for IronMac Fitness during his talk. Legend of a guy, good guy to follow, good to know my scapular strength is 'ok' as a result of the demo Hope to see him and y'all next year!

    2 days ago

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    RANT #52 It's not often I lift my head from the nutrition parapet anymore as too much of the industry annoys me.... I keep my head down, plod on and do my thing As much as I want to think I am making a difference, there is still a lot of work to do, one company that was spreading bullshit information dies, another two crop up, seeing a business opportunity in the uneducated This is just another company that fits that bill... Pediasure It's like Herbalife, but for kids. Yeah, cause that's what kids need, a 'nutrition' shake. I implore them for giving a few bits of advice on aiding parents feed their kids better, but there shouldn't even be a market for this, there shouldn't be a need, and I genuinely feel its just lazy on the parents part if they buy into this. This 'nutrition' shake is no different than giving your child some milk, so if you were considering giving your child extra nutrition, or that they are fussy, give them some high quality milk, like whole organic milk or rich jersey milk thats rammed with nutrition. We don't NEED to pimp our milk with one of their shakes, thats simply marketing BS. I really hope companies like this die, and more companies provide good and valuable resources for people to help themselves and not look for a product for a fix. I'd want to see the info on this website stay, be made more advanced, but not sell a 'nutrition' shake, it's not needed. There is a solution: - Try new foods - Experiment with your kids in the kitchen - Hide foods in bulk cooked dishes - Don't make an issue of foods they dislike - Make the food you think they won't like fun - Let them see you eating it - Make meal times fun - Give them more of what they do like - Provide a simple multivitamin if you are worried about deficiencies. Your child doesn't need the new Herbalife for kids..... They need REAL FOOD.

    4 days ago

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    But first I need your help.

    Share this status with your friends, ask them to like my page and if we can all get together and push my 'likes' above 500 I will launch the competition.

    I'm going to hold another 'drop a dress size' competition but this time I am going to choose FOUR WINNERS and do it as a little group.

    This could be something that changes your life instantly or could be the start you are needing for something bigger.

    My last winner Gill said - "Before I started my journey I felt tired, unhealthy and generally fed up. Now I am the happiest, healthiest and fittest I have been. This is a journey that I will continue and I am so grateful for all your help, support and advice you have given me."

    Please like, share and comment and let's get this competition launched asap.

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    1 week ago

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Stephen has become the mainstay of my training regimen. Without his support and coaching my wonderful progress will not be possible
Carolina Hererra - Long time customer
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